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August, 2008 News
Chad Taylor's new blog site...
Chad Taylor has started posting entries to his new blog. Chad's new site can be found here.
• posted by dangum on august 18th, 2008
Ed hints at possible DVD title...
In a recent interview, Ed suggested that the upcoming DVD may be entitled "LIVE LIVE". The full article can be read at the Myrtle Beach Sun News site.
• posted by dangum on august 17th, 2008
Michael Railton no longer touring with Live...
It appears that Michael Railton's tour stint with Live has concluded. Railo's final performance was in Philadelphia on August 8.
• posted by dangum on august 17th, 2008
Multimedia forum up and running...
The Fans of Live multimedia forum is up and running with a wide variety of unreleased studio and concert tracks. If you have any requests or would like to see what songs are currently up, please head to the ISO thread on the message board.
• posted by dangum on august 4th, 2008
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