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March 9th, 2008 Setlist & Reviews
Concert Setlist
Credit: Nate
1 All Over You
2 Waitress
3 The River
4 Mirror Song
5 The Dolphin's Cry
6 They Stood Up For Love
7 Selling The Drama
8 I Walk The Line
9 Wings
10 The Beauty Of Gray
11 Run To The Water
12 I Alone
13 Heaven

Encore #1:
14 Sofia
15 Lakini's Juice
16 Lightning Crashes

Encore #2:
17 White, Discussion
18 Dance With You

Review by jimandkrit
Another great show...terrific crowd, really into it with lots of participation as usual for SoCal +LIVE+ concerts. But disappointed in shorter than normal 17 song set finished in 1.5 hours (they've regularly played 20-22 songs in last bunch of Anaheim/LA shows I've been to), and this inc 2 encores...typical setlist from last couple shows except we got a great version of Waitress instead of Brothers Unaware, and we didn't get Voodoo Lady for some reason, which didn't seem to be replaced by a different song?

GA show...first time at this venue (The Grove, in the parking lot of Anaheim Stadium where the Angels MLB team plays) for me...last couple Anaheim shows were at the more intimate House of Blues Disneyland. The Grove had a much larger auditorium, so while there was probably the same number of people in attendance, it was spread out more. I think I prefer HOB...everyone is more concentrated together and the sound system was better.

One of the highlights of the show was the side stage performance of band kids (2 girls) rocking out for almost the whole show...then Ed brought them out on stage for Heaven, so I have to believe they were his two daughters, but I couldn't understand him when he introduced them to us by name (younger had dark hair, older had blond hair). Taylor and Patrick were interacting with them during the show too. Very cute and memorable piece of the concert I hadn't seen from Ed or +LIVE+ before. Really put the past 20 years into perspective for me (seen them live now about 10 times since early 90's, I have 3 young'uns of my own now who I've brought to +LIVE+ shows before, and feel like I've truly grown up with the band).
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