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November, 2006 News
Opening band announced for Baltimore and Atlantic City gigs
New York-based folk rock/country/blues band The Rosewood Thieves will be opening for Live at their upcoming concerts at Sonar in Baltimore and at the House of Blues in Atlantic City later this month. [Credit: Coady/"Tabucky" of New York] • posted november 6th, 2006
After 5 years of running this awesome website, I will be stepping down from the webmaster position at the end of the year. I just don't have as much time and passion to devote to the site as I want anymore, and feel it is time to pass the torch to someone else who does. As a result, I am seeking out someone who is willing to take over my position as webmaster and to keep this place alive. I am seeking someone who wants to purchase the domain name (fansoflive.com) from me, and that is fairly knowledgable with HTML. The person who (may) takeover will have access to all of the media files (pictures/downloads) currently on the site, access to a newsletter account with over 1,600 members, and access to the message board - which has over 550 members. (Please keep in mind that I have not yet decided if the current design on the site will stay or what exactly will happen to the message board). Some extremely rare previously unreleased tracks from Live's earlier career may also be included with the purchase of the site. For those interested in the traffic volume, the site currently receives between 500 and 1,000 unique visitors each day (not counting the message board). If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact me at webmaster@fansoflive.com by November 30th with (1) your name and location, (2) any information about yourself that you may want to share, (3) why you want to take over this domain and how much you are willing to buy it for, and (4) what you want to do if you were to take over this place. Also feel free to contact me if you have any general questions regarding the sale of the site. If I find someone suitable to take my position after this deadline, I will post an update and let everyone know sometime during December - if not, the site will most likely be closed down near the end of the year • posted november 1st, 2006
Previously unreleased exclusive downloads now available
Previously unreleased demo's of "Face And Ghost" and "The Distance" (both from a 1998 demo session for "The Distance To Here") have been pulled from the archives and are being brought to you exclusively, as well as a previously unreleased mp3 of "Mystery" that is sourced from an advanced copy of "Songs From Black Mountain" (that does not contain strings like the album version does). Hop on over to the Featured MP3 Section for links to these downloads. Stay tuned for more new exciting downloads coming soon • posted november 1st, 2006
New pictures and setlists/reviews from recent concerts
Setlists and reviews from most of Live's recent concerts in Australia and South Africa have been posted to the Setlist & Review Section. I have also posted a bunch of new pictures from recent concerts to the Concert Pictures Gallery as well • posted november 1st, 2006
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