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January, 2006 News
May tour dates scheduled in Alabama and Mississippi
Live will be performing at 2 festivals in early May in the southeast US. The first is scheduled for May 5th in Jackson, Mississippi. No more info on this date is available at this time. The second festival (the 2006 Schaeffer Crawfish Boil) is scheduled for May 6th at the Railroad Preservation Park in Birmingham, Alabama. General admission tickets (which include admission to both the festival and concert) are expected to be $10 and go on-sale via Ticketmaster soon • posted january 30th, 2006
Live members escape injury after emergency landing
Two members of Live (Chad Taylor and Patrick Dahlheimer) and three members of the bands touring crew (Adam Kowalczyk, Shawn Williams, and Matt Gracey) escaped injury when their United Express jet they were on was forced to make an emergency landing yesterday in Chicago. The jet cabin apparently filled with smoke after takeoff, which caused the emergency landing. For more information, please visit York's Evening Sun website • posted january 30th, 2006
New Live article featured in Winnipeg Sun
A new article on Live, titled "Live & Kicking", appeared in todays edition of the Winnipeg Sun newspaper. This new article features another short interview with Ed Kowalczyk, including some details on the writing of the new album • posted january 28th, 2006
Correct tracklisting to Songs From Black Mountain
I have obtained the correct tracklisting to Live's new album, "Songs From Black Mountain" (which is in order and contains the correct song titles). It has been posted to Lyrics Section • posted january 26th, 2006
Review of The River on Billboard.com
A review of "The River" has been posted to Billboard Magazine's website • posted january 26th, 2006
Image of new album cover now available
I have posted an image of the new album cover to the Lyrics Section. [Credit: Allan Hess of Brookings] • posted january 24th, 2006
Live on Myspace.com
A new page on Live has just been added to Myspace.com. This new page features some new info on the new album. [Credit: Susan of Connecitcut] • posted january 24th, 2006
Another new Live article from Edmonton-area publication
A new article on Live, titled "Behind Live's generic name", appeared in yesterdays edition of the Edmonton Sun newspaper. This new article features a short interview with Ed Kowalczyk • posted january 21st, 2006
Update: Video for The River to debut worldwide on Monday
The video for "The River" will debut worldwide on Monday (January 23rd) on AOL First View. [Nathan Cox directed this video, in which Ed treks through the desert. He is dehyrdrated, near death and desperately hallucinating about water and a beautiful woman with the power to come to his rescue] • posted january 20th, 2006

Update: The video is now available to view and/or download. Click here to watch the video online (to download the video, just right-click on the link and save the file to your computer) • posted january 21st, 2006
Requesting setlists/reviews from recent Live shows
If you have the setlist and/or a review from a recent (or upcoming) Live show, please send it my way. Thanks in advance! • posted january 19th, 2006
New article on Live appears in Edmonton magazine
A new article on Live, titled "Live... Live!", appears in the new issue of Vue Weekly (a weekly entertainment magazine published in Edmonton, Alberta). This new article features a short interview with Ed Kowalczyk. [Credit: Justin Brandon from Los Angeles, California] • posted january 19th, 2006
New Message Board Coming Soon!
The new FansOfLive Message Board is coming soon! I will be attempting to convert all of the stuff contained on the current board to the new one, but I'm not sure how it will go yet (hopefully everything will go smoothly, but I can't guarantee anything). If the conversion doesn't go as planned, the new board may have to be started from scratch, so please back-up any important data you may have NOW. Please be aware that the current board will be closing down in the next week or so (most likely by this weekend). Hopefully the new board will be up and running by the beginning of February at the latest • posted january 19th, 2006
Update from guitarist Chad Taylor
Chad Taylor has posted a new entry to his online journal. In the entry, Chad mentions that Live is gearing up for a world tour in support of their new album. They will be touring Canada, North America, Europe, Australia, South Africa, South America and possible even the far east this year. He also mentions that he guest guitared on a new album by the band Century [Chad wrote and performed the solo on "A Threat Conquistador", which is track 3 on the new album - a mp3 of this song is available here] • posted january 19th, 2006
Several new tour dates confirmed for New England
Live have confirmed 3 new tour dates in February, all located in New England: February 19th at Webster Theatre in Hartford, Connecticut; February 20th at Northern Lights in Clifton Park, New York; and February 21st at The Palladium in Worcester, Massachussetts. Doors for the Hartford gig will open at 7 pm, with the concert to begin around 8 pm. General admission tickets cost $35 and are on-sale now. Tickets for the Clifton Park gig will be going on-sale soon via Ticketmaster (no more info on this show is currently available). And doors for the Worcester gig will open at 8 pm, with the concert to begin around 9 pm. Tickets will be going on-sale this Friday (January 20th) at 10 am. I have posted links to purchase tickets to all of these concerts to the Tour Section • posted january 16th, 2006
New release dates set for new Live album/single
The release date for Live's new album, "Songs From Black Mountain", has been pushed back (again) to April 11th. As a result, "The River" will now be released to radio stations starting January 31st. (Credit: Friends Of Live) • posted january 5th, 2006
Digital downloads of The River now available
Live's new single, "The River", is now available to purchase as a digital download at numerous online stores. I have posted links to the stores offering the download below • posted january 5th, 2006

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