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April, 2006 News
New downloads from Palladium concert in Germany
I have posted mp3's of "Mystery", "Show", "Sofia", and "The River" from Live's concert on April 9th at the Palladium in Cologne, Germany to the Featured MP3 Section. These mp3's were encoded from a satellite broadcast of this concert, so the sound quality is excellent. The rest of the songs from this concert will be available for download sometime next week • posted april 28th, 2006
Deadline approaching for FansOfLive Cover Contest
Just a reminder to everyone that there is only about 4 weeks left in the 2006 Live Cover Contest. As of now, 7 entries have been received and are all currently available for download in the Contest Section • posted april 27th, 2006
Downloads from Ed's appearance on WPLJ in New York
I have posted downloads from Ed's recent appearance on New York's WPLJ Radio Station to the site. Included in the downloads are 4 interview segments and acoustic versions of "Lightning Crashes" and "Heaven". To access these downloads, please click on the "comments" link above [Credit: Ed/"geeselivefans" of New Jersey] • posted april 27th, 2006
DVD torrent of Palladium concert now being seeded
A DVD torrent of Live's show from last month in Germany (broadcast on the Germany's WDR network) is currently being seeded at Dime-A-Dozen. [Credit: Daniel of Australia] • posted april 24th, 2006
New Live album debuts on Australian & New Zealand charts
"Songs From Black Mountain" has debuted at #4 on Australia's Top 50 Albums Chart and at #6 on New Zealand's Top 40 Albums Chart. [Credit: "jonesy" and "Heavens Freaks" of Australia] • posted april 23rd, 2006
Opening acts announced for Live's US Spring Tour
The opening acts for Live's upcoming Spring Tour of the US have been announced. Singer/songwriter Ari Hest will open for Live this weekend at the concerts in Providence, Rhode Island and State College, Pennsylvania. And singer/songwriter Michael Shapiro will be opening for Live on their brief run of theatres and small clubs next month, kicking-off in Atlanta, Georgia on May 7th and ending in Los Angeles, California on May 24th • posted april 20th, 2006
Downloads from Ed's performance on KLSY in Seattle
Ed appeared on Seattle's KLSY (Mix 92.5) radio station yesterday morning. He performed acoustic versions of "The River" and "Lightning Crashes" in the Mix Music Lounge. I have posted mp3's of both of these songs (sourced from the station's master reel) to the Featured MP3 Section. Several pictures from this this performance are also available to view on Mix 92.5's website. [Credit: Bob Givnin of Washington for obtaining these mp3's] • posted april 19th, 2006
Video preview of Ed's Max Sessions performance
Australia's Max TV recently aired a brief snippet of Ed's upcoming Max Sessions performance on their "The Know" show. This promo video clip has been captured and can be accessed here. [Credit: Daniel of Australia] • posted april 19th, 2006
Live confirm 3 new festival dates for this summer
Live have added 3 new festival dates to their summer tour. The first new date is scheduled for July 15th at the Salmon Lakes Festival in Grand Falls, Newfoundland. Event and ticket info for this date has yet to be announced. The second new date is scheduled for July 22nd at the Festival Of The Lakes in Hammond, Indiana. Admission to this concert will be free. And the third new date is scheduled for August 8th at Glencoe Camp Resort in Sturgis, South Dakota. This concert will be part of the Rock'n The Rally festival. Event and ticket info for this date has yet to be announced either, but will be posted to the Tour Section as it becomes available. Stay tuned for more new dates to be announced soon • posted april 18th, 2006
Official SFBM lyrics and new scans posted to the site
I have posted the official lyrics to all songs on "Songs From Black Mountain" to the Lyrics Section. I have also posted scans of the new album to the site (click on the comments above to view these images). [Credit: Aaron Zac of Australia] • posted april 15th, 2006
Songs From Black Mountain debuts at #1 in Holland
"Songs From Black Mountain" has debuted at #1 on the Mega Album Top 100 chart in Holland. [Credit: "SecretInsomnia" of Holland] • posted april 15th, 2006
Live's new album pulled from Sony Music Store again
"Songs From Black Mountain" has been pulled from the Sony Music Store yet again. It appears that they still can't make up their mind on when or if they want to release Live's new album • posted april 14th, 2006
New Live article featured in Brisbane's Courier Mail
A new article on Live is featured in today's edition of The Courier Mail newspaper (published in Brisbane, Australia), which contains an interview with Ed. The full article is available to read on The Courier Mail's website. [Credit: Daniel of Australia] • posted april 13th, 2006
Downloads/streams from Ed's appearance on Jensen
Ed appeared on the Jensen talkshow (which is broadcast on Holland's RTL 5 television network) yesterday evening. Ed did a short interview and performed acoustic versions of "The River" and "Overcome". Streaming videos of this appearance have been posted to the RTL 5 website. I have also obtained the direct links to the streaming videos: For a 805k Windows Media stream click here, and for a 225k Windows Media stream click here. I have posted a mp3 of the interview to the message board (click on the comments link above to access it), and mp3's of the songs to the Featured MP3 Section. [Credit: Dmitri/"Ed" of Russia] • posted april 12th, 2006
Interview with Ed featured in new X-press Magazine
The latest edition of Australia's X-press Magazine features a new interview with Ed Kowalczyk. The full interview has been posted to their website. [Credit: Dajan/"Wambangalang" of Australia] • posted april 12th, 2006
New video podcasts featured on Epic's Live website
Epic Records has posted a new video podcast page to their Listen to Live website. A new video podcast will be added to this section each week. The podcasts will feature interviews with Live about their forthcoming album, along with acoustic performances of some of the songs from the cd • posted april 12th, 2006
Amended official release dates for new Live album
The release date for Live's new album has officially been pushed back yet again in the United States, now scheduled for a June 13th release date. The Sony Music Store has also re-posted the pre-order page for the new album back to their website. This now makes it the 4th time the album has been delayed (prior release dates were originally scheduled for November 15th, March 21st, April 11th, and May 9th). No reason has been given for this latest delay though, or if it is subject to change again. The new album will also be released this week in Holland, Australia, New Zealand, and other International countries; and will be released on May 9th in Canada • posted april 10th, 2006
Ed to perform acoustic set for Major League Baseball website
Ed will be peforming an acoustic set of 4 songs for the Major League Baseball's website on Wednesday (April 12th). One of these songs will be a cover of Johnny Cash's hit "I Walk The Line", which will also be broadcast live on the Jumbo-tron at Yankee Stadium during the New York Yankees vs. Kansas City Royals game on April 12th. The Major League Baseball's website will also be offering a pre-sale of Live's new album on their website soon. If you purchase this pre-sale via their site, you will also get 4 downloadable videos from Ed's acoustic performance. (No word as to whether this will be the only way to purchase the new Live album for United States fans or not though). Friends Of Live will be selecting 5 people to attend Ed's performance - if interested, check out their site for more info • posted april 7th, 2006
Domestic pre-orders for new album no longer available
Domestic pre-orders for Live's new album are no longer available. The Sony Music Store, FYE, and Amazon have all pulled pre-orders for the new album from their websites this week. This most likely means the album release date will be delayed again or that there will be no release domestically. As of now, there is still no official word as to what exactly is going on though • posted april 7th, 2006
Download from Ed's performance on 3FM earlier today
Ed performed an acoustic version of "The River" on 3FM's Arbeids Vitaminen show ealier today in Holland. I have posted a mp3 of this performance to the Featured MP3 Section • posted april 7th, 2006
Ed to begin promotional tour in Holland starting tomorrow
Ed will be appearing on several radio and television shows in Holland over the next several days. Tomorrow (April 7th), Ed will appearing on 3FM's Arbeids Vitaminen show, giving a short interview and performing an acoustic version of "The River". Ed will also be appearing on Radio 538's Niels & Froukje show tomorrow as well. On Monday (April 10th), Ed will be appearing on the Jensen talkshow (which is broadcast on Holland's RTL 5 television network) at 10:30 pm. And Ed will also be giving interviews to numerous Dutch publications, including: Aardschok, AD, Metro, OOR, Spits, and Veronica Magazine. [Credit: Minke of Holland, The Subculture of Live] • posted april 6th, 2006
Ed's Max Sessions performance to premier in June
Ed's performance from March 23rd at the Seymour Centre in Sydney, Australia will premier on Australia's Max TV network on June 10th at 5:30 pm. It will also be re-broadcast on June 11th and June 16th. Broadcast times and info for all airings have been posted to the TV Section • posted april 5th, 2006
Live to perform at Spring Fest 2006 in New York
Live will be performing at Spring Fest 2006 on April 21st at the University at Buffalo in Buffalo, New York. Tickets are $30 for the general public and free to University at Buffalo students. Doors will open at 5:30 pm, with the festival to get underway around 6 pm. Other acts will include Our Lady Peace and Robert Randolph • posted april 3rd, 2006
The 2006 FansOfLive Cover Contest begins today!
The 2006 annual Live Cover Contest begins today and will run thru May 26th! US $50 will be awarded to the winner, and US $25 will be awarded to the runner-up. For full details on this years contest, please visit the Contest Section • posted april 3rd, 2006
New downloads from Ed's performance on The Rock radio station
I have posted mp3's of "The River" and "Lightning Crashes" from Ed's solo acoustic performance on New Zealand's "The Rock" radio station (from this past Wednesday) to the Featured MP3 Section. [Credit: Aaron/Bingy of New Zealand] • posted april 2nd, 2006
Download advanced copy of "Songs From Black Mountain"
Due to an overwhelming amount of requests, I have decided to post my advanced copy of "Songs From Black Mountain" to the site, but only for a limited time. Please make sure to keep this news hush-hush though, as I don't want to get in trouble with the record label (or have anyone else get in trouble with the record label for that matter). To download the advanced copy, please click here • posted april 1st, 2006
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