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Full Version: [Audio] Ed Kowalczyk 2015-10-10 Bethlehem, PA
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Ed Kowalczyk 2015-10-10
Arts Quest @ Steel Stacks
Bethlehem, PA

Source: iPhone 5s iOS 8.1.1 > Zoom IQ6 Mic > Zoom Handy Recorder WAV [44.1khz / 16-Bit]

Audacity 2.01 > FLAC > Trader's Little Helper 2.7.0

WAV [44.1khz / 16-Bit] > FLAC [Level 8]


Recorded, Transferred and Seeded by: livesoldier1

Throwing Copper Show - Arts Quest @ Steel Stacks


01 Dam At Otter Creek& (Beginning Cut) 0:00:00
02 Selling The Drama 03:14:00
03 I Alone 07:40:00
04 Iris 11:54:00
05 Lightning Crashes 17:05:00
06 Top 22:30:00
07 All Over You 25:47:00
08 Shit Towne 29:50:00
09 TBD 35:15:00
10 Stage 40:28:00
11 Waitress 44:15:00
12 Pillar of Davidson 48:48:00
13 White, Discussion 56:20:00
14 Stage 1:01:24:00
15 Encore Break 1:06:00:00
16 Lakini's Juice 1:07:30
17 Turn My Head 1:12:45:00
18 Seven 1:17:45:00
19 Heaven 1:23:12:00
20 Overcome 1:29:20:00


Recorded left center of hall, 20 feet from ceiling sound system & Had recorder issue on beginning opening intro audio clip and start of The Dam at Otter Creek, so that is missing. Had some high levels which evened out mid song, edited track to fix distortion.

Lots of chatter from the people around me, as the setting was seats and tables in a dinner setting.

Honestly have to say the lap steel on White Disucssion is not good, nor was the solo rendition of Lakini's Juice. Tough to replicate the real band in any capacity on these old classics.

Ed seems to get drunker as the show grows on past the encore as he states and sounds, but what the heck, it's only rock n roll. Ed sounding better overall even though some songs, the pitchy falsetto still comes out. He is still using the autotune mic on songs like DAOC and WD where you can hear a lower edgier register. TBD was really great as was Stage.

QUOTE(dangum @ Oct 13 2015, 6:03 am) *

Thanks for sharing.

How does it sound? This is the first iPhone/Zoom recording I've seen.
QUOTE(brianblank @ Oct 13 2015, 8:15 pm) *
How does it sound?

Sounds great. music.gif thumbsup.gif
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