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Full Version: Tempe, Arizona (Marquee Theater)
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(Read on for gracious few, flatland drummers, unified theory, and LIVE:)

While the show is fresh in my mind- My impression is that Shinn is a working replacement for Ed. The crowd loved him, and his voice can shred in short bursts which is what the people want with the loud guitars. It's a different kind of show compared to any other Live show I've seen. Short and sweet and basic. The show was definitely missing Ed's groovy-ness, spirit, and priceless improv and charisma (though some later live shows also lacked that from Ed IMO), but Chris was very amped to be there. Still, Chris needs to memorize all the lyrics.

I was shocked at the age group at the show. As expected, 30-50 year olds were the majority, but they were in the BACK. The whole pit, the front, the center, were kids aged 13-21, who heard about the band from their parents, older siblings, or the radio. I talked to as many ppl as I could while I was up front. Great vibe with that younger generation. I told a few before the show that Ed was no longer the singer, and their hearts sank into their stomach. But by the end of the show they were all crazy for the music. Many of them were hearing operation spirit for the first time and were jumping around like it was the best shit. And the younger crowd was mostly there for Live, and then some for Everclear. Filter and Sponge fans were not well represented.

Set was All Over you, selling the drama, operation spirit, lakini's juice, lightning crashes, i alone, white discussion.

I spoke with Chad T and Chris after the show, as they hung out by the front of the stage for 20 minutes after it was over. They were at opposite ends of the stage so I chatted w. each individually. First Chad, I told him how I recorded vocal's over Flatland Drummer's "I Guess" instrumental track. He shook my hand appreciatively and said "Flatland Drummers, good one man," he wasn't expecting that level of fanboy, but he seemed to need his memory jogged about how he once offered that track up hoping that people would submit their vocals. Then he said "Flatland Drummers album will be coming out soon." I said, "yeah right Chad". He said "you think i'm joking!"

Then I went to Chris, who came off as a very nice dude. He was talking about Live's approach. He explained in depth that right now, the first thing Live wants to do is just get everyone together and remind people about the music, and their first connections to it, including his own. He said he didn't want it to be all about him right now, "the Chris show" as he put it. He wants to slip in undetected. He said "We don't want to make people think", and that the first moment that drum beats, we want to "bombard them" with the music. We were talking about "World" and he kept going on about how the name "World" was just a working title. He definitely wanted to give the impression that the new stuff was still very much up in the air and being ironed out. I asked him about whether he'll be getting in touch with unified theory, and he said that "they" as in the rest of the band were still playing shows, although one of the guitarists was actually on stage at one point that night with Live. He said that UT is on the back burner for now. I asked, how about Gracious Few? He said Gracious Few will not be doing anything for a while because Live is getting much more attention than they expected, and that they're getting offers left and right, including international ventures. He said Art really gave them a big break with Summerland.
I forgot I recorded this at the show...little intro for Everclear by Live.

Thanks Dan for posting the rest of the show at the multimedia section:

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