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The following is a list of member groups, and the number of posts needed to be a part of that member group...

FansOfLive Newbie (1 star):  1-24 posts
FansOfLive Freshman (2 stars):  25-74 posts
FansOfLive Sophmore (3 stars): 75-149 posts
FansOfLive Junior (4 stars):  150-249 posts
FansOfLive Senior (5 stars):  250-499 posts

After 500 posts, you retain the "FansOfLive Senior" title, but switch to one of the new member grouops listed below...

Waterboy:  500-749 posts
Ghost:  750-999 posts
Rattlesnake:  1,000-1,249 posts
Cheetah:  1,250-1,499 posts
Lakini:  1,500 or more posts

Note:  If you have a custom user title (such as "MessageBoard God" or something of the sort), then only the new member groups apply to you, as your custom user title takes over the default user titles (which are listed above).

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