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Meka | thefaithbaby@aol.com
Mesmerizing vocals, a style all their own, positive vibes. It's easy to see why Live is my number one band.
I love Live!!!
September 11 2008 12:40 - Meridian,Ms

Jimmy C | jcannistraci@gmail.com
Hey.... what's happening this weekend for my Live buddies? where can we meet and groove to the tunes?
August 27 2008 18:56 - Pittsburgh

Jarrod Veitch | jarrodveitch@tpg.com.au
Live are fookin' awesome!!!
August 13 2008 00:58 - Sydney, Australia

Mimmi | lothlorien88@hotmail.com
Soon completed my Live-CD-collection, the last two on their way now... Can't seem to get enough of Live, I soon have all their CD's, a t-shirt, a sweater and a totebag, all used frequently
Wish they'd come to Sweden...
Cliché-warning, but Live rocks!
July 31 2008 11:40 - Sweden

Lisa Alessandro | lise1@hotmail.com
June 27 2008 09:48 - Jacksonville, FL

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